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Product Name: 4 HD HD SD card video recorder

Product model: TG-T95A

The professional design of 8 36V DC power supply wide voltage input design (with ISO7637-P5A-200V/ static GB/T-17626/RE radiation EN55022 test standard);

The under - voltage protection circuit, a variety of short circuit, reverse connection, applicable to a variety of models;

In support of intelligent power management recognition, low power automatic shutdown flameout, low power consumption;

MS - 12VDC, 5VDC power output for the small screen, camera and other peripherals multiple peripheral equipment power supply;

Responsible to support SD card storage, maximum support 256G support; 2.5 inch hard disk storage, maximum support 2TB;

MS - support 3G/4G transmission, LTE /WCDMA/EVDO optional;

In support of GPS/BD positioning, high sensitivity, rapid positioning;

MS - support WIFI wireless download, support 802.11b/g/n, frequency 2.4GHz;

Product description

Interface specification


Specification parameter



Equipment parameter

performance index


main processor



Embedded Linux operating system

operating system

Chinese / English / traditional Chinese

Operation interface

Graphical menu interface to support mouse operation

Password security

User password, administrator password two levels of management


Video system


Compression standard

H.264(Main Profile)

Image resolution

720P /960H/D1/CIF

Playback quality


Combination mode

4 way, 720P/4 Road, 960H/2 Road, 720P+2 Road, 960H

Decoding capability

1 way 720P real time

Video input

4 way video input, aviation head interface

Video out

2 channel video output, (1 air header interface; 1 channel VGA)

Video quality

1 to 6 levels are available

Picture display

Support 1, 4 screen display

audio frequency

Audio compression


Audio input

4 channel audio input (1 way multiplex audio), aviation head interface

Audio out

1 way independent audio frequency output, aviation head interface

Recording mode

Synchronous recording of sound and video

Video and playback

Video mode

Manual alarm


Full frame 4096Mbps, 6 levels selectable



storage medium

2 SD card storage

Video query

It can be retrieved by channel and video type

Local playback

Replay by file


Timing report

Report information according to the time interval set


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